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From Humble Beginnings…

Formidable Toys started in 2011 with my son’s wild imagination. He has always loved swords and making them out of anything and everything. One day he started asking us to draw swords for him with different styles of blades and grips.

Over weeks the drawings evolved and I thought that it would be cool to have a toy sword that had dragon heads as cross guards and blades that could be switched out, so that, for example, an ice dragon could have a fire blade in its mouth. At that moment, Prime Swords was born.

From basic drawings and concepts, my very talented cousin Mark drew the first fire dragon sword. His art elevated Prime Swords to a whole new level. We worked through developing the components and models of each sword so that everything worked well together and looked amazing.

At Formidable Toys we feel strongly about inspiring kids’ imaginations and providing quality products that kids will love. We hope you see the value of our products and have some crazy fun adventures with your kids as you battle with Prime Swords.

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