Dragon Iss | Blue and White Foam Sword


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  • Blue and white
  • Premium Quality foam swords kids spend hours playing with. (They have even been known to replace stuffed animals at bedtime. Sweet Dreams!)
  • A toy sword that Promotes Imagination and Physical Play, whether kids are on solo adventures or playing with other kids or adults.
  • Made of Durable Materials so the Prime Swords can survive intense battles.  These swords are made of LARP-grade polyurethane foam and non-flaking paint and meeting or exceeding government safety standards.
  • Original Designs in several color options and dimensions that make the toy feel hefty, which kids and adults appreciate.
  • Each Prime Sword has a Unique mechanism that makes them Customizable.  Simply lift the lever on the handle, and the foam sword comes apart in three pieces to mix with parts from any other Prime Sword.

Shipping Information: Orders usually ship within 1-2 business days. Most orders ship through UPS ground. Once your order has been filled you will receive an automated email with the tracking information.

180 day warranty on all Prime Swords!

Dimensions: 32″ x 11″ x 4″
Weight: 1lb 10oz.
Materials: Durable polyurethane foam and ABS plastic/ fiberglass core
Recommended Ages: 6 years and up


As we talked about making dragon swords with interchangeable blades, Mark helped give the idea form with this wonderful concept illustration.  It was so exciting.

Mark continued to develop the concept art adding angles and color that made the dragon cold and icy.

After a time he finished it! Now it was time to get a 3D model made!  This required many revisions to get it looking really good and functional for manufacturing.

Since this was going to be a foam sword that could be taken apart and put back together with parts from other designs there were certain points that had to be shaped universally.

Really refining the model now, looking at it from every angle.

The design of the blade had to be thick enough to allow for a plastic core to go through it. This version was too narrow. Back to the computer!

It was time to work on the paint job, now that the 3D model was sent off and being turned into a production mold. With the help of social media friends we chose a color way. Can you guess which one we use?

This is the first prototype. The eyes are a little intense!! But it turned out amazing. There is so much detail in the shape of each piece.

This is the actual product right out of the molds. The flashing is still being removed and they have to be painted.