Eon ISS Grip | Sword Component


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  • PREMIUM QUALITY- Toy Swords that promote active, imaginative play. Foam swords kids ❤️!!
  • UNIQUE- Customizable Toy Swords. Prime Swords make it easy to personalize your swords ⚔️.
  • COLORFUL- These kid toys will inspire fun play with their bright colors and safe, non-flaking paint ?!
  • ORIGINAL DESIGNS – Prime Sword’s creative foam swords for kids come in several styles ?!
  • IMAGINATION – Great foam swords for pretend play ?, costumes, props, indoor and outdoor use.

Prime Swords are amazing foam swords that inspire imaginative play! These toy swords are made with high quality materials, starting with a soft, durable polyurethane foam. Since the foam bends and stretches, we made sure to use paint that is equally durable and can handle the most epic battles without flaking. Under the paint and foam is a strong, rigid ABS plastic core.

Prime Swords are truly unique toy swords! Unlike other foam swords, you can easily mix and match any of the 3 pieces that make up the swords – the blade, the cross guard (the middle section of the sword) and the handle – with any other Prime Sword, regardless of their design or color, for the ultimate personalization! ? To customize, simply lift up the little lever on the grip and slide the different pieces off of the blade core (the plastic piece running through the foam blade). Choose any style and color of pieces then slide the pieces onto the blade core so that the pieces are tightly touching and easily close the lever. Once the lever is closed the sword pieces are locked into place!

We’ve created several series of Prime Swords with different color and style options to make mixing and matching a unique experience. The 3 different series we currently offer are EON, RIVEN and DRAGON. There are also up to 4 different color options available in each series. These color options are ARC (Red/ Black), ISS (Blue/ White), Mek (Purple/ Bronze) and Classic (Silver/ Black).

We made this product because we wanted our kids to have a better toy sword, one that got them outside playing, having fun with friends, and that they would fall in love with. Anyone who picks up these swords will notice right away the difference! The swords are hefty, but the foam is still softer than what you might expect. Quality and safety have always been a top priority for us as we developed this product. We value our customers, and if you have any issues with the swords please contact us and we will do our best to make things right!


Dimensions: 8.5″ x 1.75″ x 2.5″
Weight: 3.0 oz
Materials: Durable polyurethane foam and ABS plastic core
Recommended Ages: 6+

Colors may vary slightly